Video's in PPT play during webinar/presentation

What are you trying to do? (Detailed description)
We often have presentation in which we include videos that we put in a specifically designed frame. And we have these video’s for instance without voice over so that we can do the live voice over during webinar in different languages. We want this video to be on the slide and not as a separate video. So we would like it if video’s that are on slides are also automatically playing in ON24

What is the challenge you’re experiencing?
Currently if we have presentation like this and we upload them, the video is turned into a static image. But we want this to become a video that for instance on a mouse click / move / next slide plays automatically within the presentation-slide

Do you have a workaround that you use right now?
If this is really important for a specific webinar, we decide to do the entire webinar as a screenshare and NOT have the presenter visible. And the screenshare is the PPT in which we present and play the video. It works but it’s not per se the perfect way to do this. We prefer to have our presenters visible as well for the human touch and engagement.

I understand the challenge. Two suggestions to consider.

  1. Pre-record the speakers showing the video side by side with the speaker talking about the video and then play that out during the presentation.
  2. If you have the broadcast video present type in your ON24 suite then you could mix the video feeds, slide, speakers all through a production company’s mixing equipment.
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I could not agree more with our @Inactive-Member-19744201!
It’s not a deal breaker for us, but since we are hosting a few more webinars with designers involved in the content process I get all these nice presentation (eventhough I share them the PPT guidelines) which do not work :frowning: But they all look so pretty. So, if in the future there would become a solution for this, like the ‘single stage’ that would be awesome!

And thanks @eliot We’ve considered both option but they were not working for us / to our liking. In the latest webinar where we ran into this issue, the PPT was more important then showing the presenter (also Movember en presenter was not looking at his best) so we decided to start / record the webinar with a screenshare from the start showing the PPT in which the videos did work properly.

And do you mean the video broadcasting module?

Yes, video broadcast module.

You should be able to upload your presentation that has placeholder slides for the videos
then upload your videos separately and in the storyboard organizer move your videos just before the video placeholder slides. Then just hide the placeholder slides.

The videos should play when you click from previous slide to the video .

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Yes that I know @vince.selasky it’s more that our designers include/insert the video in the PPT and want it to be played in the slide. For instance a demonstration of our mobile solution, the want it to show in a mobile frame, and that frame is just a image on a slide…

So it’s not about placeholder slides and video’s. Its about playing a video ON a slide. Currently if you have this set up in PPT ON24 transfers it into an image.


Ahhh i understand now. thanks for clarifying

Theoretically you could do this if you use something like Wirecast/OBS to stream your webinar you could then forget the slide area altogether and just do everything in the media player.

Another option you have is to change the video into a GIF which will play within the slide, works ok for short videos.

thanks @guy.dunn we already use GIFS for short videos for like 5-10 seconds. But nowadays we have more lengthy videos and then GIFS do not work.

Thanks for the tip on OBS, I already had it on my backlog to look into it, might need to give it a bit more priority.

But still, I would like it if this could also be fixed in ON24 so that I do not need to use an additional tool.

The good thing about OBS or Wirecast etc is it takes your production to the next level, we use Wirecast as OBS is open source software and wanted something with support and reliability (not that OBS isn’t).
You have the ability to put all manner of graphical overlays etc and bring in external sources via NDI etc.

This sounds promising @guy.dunn is it ok that I reach out to you by email? I might have a few other questions regarding this and how you at Auto Trader do this.

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Sure, just feel free to drop me a line (